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Biometric Technology - Online Training Course

biometrics Overview:

Course Objectives

  1. You will understand the latest Biometric technology including the definition, terminologies used, parameters and basic features.
  2. You will learn the principle, process, hardware used and issues for the different biometric methods like finger, facial, iris, voice, hand and retina.
  3. You will get to know the different biometric applications.

Course Methodology

Unbiased, self paced online training courses with interactive audiovisual content including animations and product simulations.


  • End Users, Installers/Dealers and System Integrators
  • Sales, Suppliers and Consultants
  • Technical and Non-Technical people
  • Existing and New staff.


Testing Program
The Online Training Course has a Post-Test with 24 random questions. An online certificate of completion will be issued to students who get more than 65% in the Post-test.
A certificate of completion will be issued to students who get more than 65% in the Post-test. This certificate is recognized by the following associations:

Course Approved by
ASIS: Recertification - 6 hours,
ALOA: PRP Recertification – 1 points
NSCA: 4.5 Learning Units
New Jersey State CEU: 6 hours TECES-13(65)C005
BISCI: Event ID OV-STAM-NJ-0614-3, CEC: 5
Approved by Texas Department of Public Safety – Y00182
Approved by Tennessee Alarm Systems Contractor Board


  Course Outline

  • Traditional vs. Biometric system
  • Definition of Biometric
  • Difference between Identification and Verification
  • Biometric process; enrollment and verification
  • Biometric parameters like FRR, FNMR, FAR, FMR, FTE and EER
  • Different biometric system architecture
  • Different biometric standards

Finger Scan

  • Principle of fingerprint technology
  • How the fingerprint process works
  • Different fingerprint hardware devices
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the technology

Facial Scan

  • Principle of facial scan technology
  • How the facial scan process works
  • Different technologies used in facial scan
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the technology
  • Applications

Iris Scan

  • Principle of iris scan technology
  • How the iris scan process works
  • Different hardware devices used in iris scan
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the technology

Voice Scan

  • Principle of Voice scan technology
  • How the voice scan process works
  • Different voice scan configurations
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the technology
  • Application

Other Biometric Systems

  • Retina scan
  • Hand scan


  • Different biometric application

Price : RS3800 + 18% GST for a single user license for 60 days. During the license period, you can log in from any computer to complete the course at your own pace and time.
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