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Sr. No. Ref. Mat
ISBN Ref. Title Author USD
Bk1 SPHE, CPP ISBN-13-9780750682565 Background Screening and Investigations W. Barry Nixon, Kim Kerr $49.95
Bk3   ISBN-10:0-7506-7967-0 Biometric Technologies and Verification Systems John R. Vacca $64.95
Bk4   ISBN-13-9780750684897 Biosecurity & Bioterrorism Jeffrey R. Ryan, Jan F. Glarum $69.95
Bk5   ISBN-13-9781856175104 Building A Digital Forensic Laboratory Andrew Jones, Craig Valli $69.95
Bk6   ISBN-13-9781555583392 Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for Infosec Manager Rittinghou $60.95
Bk9 PCI ISBN-10:0-7506-9659-1 Corporate Crime Investigations Jack Bologna & Paul Shaw $72.95
Bk10   ISBN.13.9780444522047 Counterterrorist Detection Techniques of Explosives Yinon $99.95
Bk11   ISBN-10:0-7506-7796-1 Data Mining and Predictive Analysis Colleen McGue $51.95
Bk12   ISBN-13-9780750677455 Digital CCTV Harwood $59.95
Bk15 CPP ISBN-10:0-7506-7454-7 Effective Security Management, 4h Ed Charles A Senewald $68.95
Bk17   ISBN-10:0-12-370503-7 Emergency Response Planning for Corporate and Municipal Managers, 2nd Ed Paul A Erickson $72.95
Bk18   ISBN-10:0-7506-9660-5 Encyclopedia of Security Management: Techniques & Technology John J. Fay $94.95
Bk19   ISBN.13.9780123708687 Fighting Fraud Kovacich $44.95
Bk20   ISBN-10:0-7506-7020-7 FINDsomeone.com R. Scott Grasser $50.95
Bk21   ISBN-10:0-12-356762-9 Fundamentals of Forensic Science Max M Houck & JA Siegel $79.95
Bk24   ISBN-13-9780750679299 High-Technology Crime Investigator's Handbook, 2nd Edition Gerald Kovacich $51.95
Bk25   ISBN.13.9780750698924 Hospital & Health Care Security, 4th Edition Colling $78.95
Bk26 CPP. PSP, CSC  ISBN-10:0-7506-7909-3 Integrated Security Systems Design: Concepts, Design and Implementation Thomas Norman,  $49.95
Bk27   ISBN-10:0-7506-7961-1 Introduction to Emergency Management, 2nd & 3rd Edition George Haddow & Jane Bullock $59.95
Bk29   ISBN.13-9780750679824 Introduction to International Disaster Management Coppola $72.95
Bk30   ISBN-13-9780750681674 Intruder Alarms, 3rd Edition Gerard Honey $39.95
Bk31   ISBN-10:0-7506-7613-2 Investigative Data Mining for Security & Criminal Detection Jesus Mena $63.95
Bk32   ISBN-10:0-240-51543-9 Investigative Reporting: A Study in Technique David Spark $48.95
Bk33   ISBN-13-9780750674874 Managers Handbook for Corporate Security Dr. Gerald L. Kovacick $68.95
Bk35   ISBN-13-9780750678056 Mergers and Acquisitions Security Edward Halibozek $54.95
Bk38   ISBN-13-9780750686730 Nuclear Safeguards, Security and Nonproliferation James Doyle $99.95
Bk40   ISBN-10:0-7506-7850-X Physical Security Systems Handbook: The Design and Implementation of Electronic Security Systems Michael Khalrallah $54.95
Bk42   ISBN-13-9780123705297 Retail Crime Security and Loss Prevention Charles A. Sennewald, John N. Christman $74.95
Bk44   ISBN-13-9780750679954 Securing Intellectual Property Information Security $59.95
Bk45 CPP ISBN-13:9780123725257 Security & Loss Prevention: An introduction, 5th Edition Philip Purpura $64.95
Bk47   ISBN-10:0-7506-8425-5 Security Convergence Dave Tyson $44.95
Bk48 PSP, CSC ISBN-10:0-7506-7688-5 Security Design Consulting Brian Gouin $39.95
Bk49   ISBN-10:0-7506-7803-8 Security Education Awareness & Training: SEAT from Theory to Practice Carl Rope, Dr. Lynn Fischer & Joseph A Grau $54.95
Bk50   ISBN-13.9780750679947 Security Law and Methods Pastor $62.95
Bk51   ISBN-13.9780750678995 Security Metrics Management Gerald Kovacich $65.95
Bk52   ISBN-13-9780750678827 Security Operations Management, 2nd Edition Robert McCrie $62.95
Bk53   ISBN-13.9780750684361 Security Supervision and Management, 3rd Edition IFPO $54.95
Bk57 PCK ISBN-10:0-7506-7595-0 The Art of Investigative Interviewing, 2nd Edition Charles L Yeschke $57.95
Bk58   ISBN-13-9780750682572 The Corporate Security Professional's Handbook on Terrorism Edward Halibozek $49.95
Bk59 PSP ISBN-10:0-7506-7367-2 The Design & Evaluation of Physical Protection Systems Mary Lynn Garcia $59.95
Bk60 CPP/PCI ISBN-10:0-7506-7950-6 The Process of Investigation, 3rd Edition Charles A Senewald & John Tsukayama $62.95
Bk64   ISBN-10:0-7506-7788-0 Vulnerability Assessment of Physical Protection Systems Mary Lynn Garcia $54.95
Bk67   ISBN-10:0-7506-3543-6 Electronic Security Systems, 3rd Edition Philip Walker $62.95
Bk68   ISBN.10: 07506.9860-8 Introduction to Security 8th Edition Robert J Fischer, Gion Green $45.95
Bk69   ISBN-10:0-7506-3007-8 Security Electronics Circuits Manual R.M. Marston $21.95
Bk74   9781597490429 Security Log Management Babbin $51.95
Bk76   9780750677417 Guard force management Canton $56.95
Bk78   9781597491228 Physical log security convergence Crowell $62.95
Bk83   9781593456108 Police Ethics crank $49.95
Bk84 9781422463246 Police Administration,7ed. cordner $73.95
Bk85   9781422463321 Criminology Brown $79.95
Bk86   9781422463284 Criminal Investigation Osterburg $82.95
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