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CCTV + Digital Video Online Training Course

c Overview:

Course Objectives

  1. You will learn the basics, key concepts and all the components used in traditional CCTV, IP and Digital CCTV and HD CCTV.
  2. You learn the latest technologies used in CCTV like video analytics, high definition, video compression, lighting and latest products like megapixel cameras, video management systems and network video recorders.
  3. You will understand the principle, types, features, how to choose, install and trouble shoot for each CCTV component like cameras, lenses, switchers, transmission systems, monitors, CCTV accessories and recording systems.
  4. You will get a step-by-step understanding of the CCTV installation process including mounting of equipment, cabling, testing & commissioning and maintenance.
  5. You will understand the CCTV system design process including CCTV survey and various CCTV applications.

Course Methodology

Self paced online training with interactive audiovisual content including animations and hands on experience, Pre test and a Post-test. You can also collaborate with other students through discussion forums and maintain e-mail contact with instructors.


  • Basic to Intermediate Level
  • End Users, Installers/Dealers and System Integrators
  • Sales, Suppliers and Consultants Technical and Non-Technical people
  • Existing and New staff.


Testing Program
The Online Training Course has the following testing modules.
Pre-Test: 24 questions Quizzes: 30 short quizzes all through the online courses
Post-Test: 25 random questions from a question databank

A certificate of completion will be issued to students who get more than 65% in the Post-test. This certificate is recognized by the following associations:

Course Approved by
ASIS: Recertification - 22 hours,
ALOA: PRP Recertification – 3 points
NSCA: 13.5 Learning Units
New Jersey State CEU: 10 hours TECES-13(65)C001
BISCI: Event ID OV-STAM-NJ-0614-4, CEC: 18
Approved by Texas Department of Public Safety – Y00182
Approved by Tennessee Alarm Systems Contractor Board


  CCTV Concepts
  • CCTV and its components
  • Principle of Picture formation – interlace and progressive
  • Lightning and camera response
  • Bandwidth analog and digital
  • Different Compression Techniques
  • Video Analytics and its applications
  • Understanding High Definition
  CCTV Basics

  • Types of video cameras
  • Important camera features like sensitivity, resolution etc.
  • Different types & sizes of CCD chips
  • Lighting and camera response
  • Adjustments, precautions and trouble shooting
  • Choosing cameras


  •  Construction of lenses
  • Types of lenses
  • Features of lenses including focal length, F Stop, Depth of field etc.
  • Different lens sizes and formats
  • Adjustments, precautions and trouble shooting
  • Choosing Lenses

CCTV Accessories

  • Types, features and applications of Pan Tilt Heads
  • Type and features of housings
  • Infrared Illuminators
  • Choosing of CCTV Accessories
  • Adjustments, precautions and trouble shooting

Transmission Systems

  • Video transmission like Co-ax, twisted pair, fiber optics, microwave, RF etc.
  • Different methods for transmission of control signal
  • Power transmission systems
  • Adjustments, precautions and trouble shooting

Switching Systems

  • Principles and features of different types of switchers
  • Multiplexers, quads, & matrix switchers
  • Digital Switching


  • Different types and important features of monitors
  • Adjustments, precautions and trouble shooting

Recording systems

  • HDD Drive, Interfaces, RAID
  • Different type of recording systems
  • Types, features and how to choose digital recorders
  • Adjustments, precautions and trouble shooting

Other CCTV Devices

  • Control Room Design
  • Video amplifiers etc.

CCTV System Design process

  • Different design debates and design trends
  • How to choose the different CCTV components
  • How to conduct a CCTV survey

CCTV Installation Process

  • Cabling, equipment mounting
  • Testing, commissioning and maintenance
  • Operator Training & Manuals
  • Service Tools

CCTV Applications

  • Security, Monitoring, Process Control,
  • Audio/Video Communications, Medical, Robotics

IP and Digital CCTV
IP /Network Cameras

  • Construction and CMOS chip
  • Megapixel Cameras – types, how to choose and applications
  • Key features including dual encoding, memory drives and motion detection

Transmission Systems

  • Digital Networks – connections, setup and installation
  • Hardware and Software control of network systems
  • Power for network devices

Video Management System (VMS)

  • Principle and components of VMS
  • Features and configuration of VMS

Network Video Recorders

  • Types and features of NVR
  • Network Storage Devices


  • HD cameras, HD monitors and HD recorders
  • Latest standards and trends in HD CCTV

Price : RS7500 + 18 % GST for a single user license for 60 days. During the license period, you can log in from any computer to complete the course at your own pace and time.
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